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Welcome on the Kanjiroushi website. The purpose of this website is to help people learning japanese with a complete kanji database and games where you can challenge other people on your kanji knwoledge.

The name of this website, 過ん字労死(kanjiroushi), is a bad pun using 漢字 (kanji) which is the name of the signs and 過労死(karoushi) which means death by overworking.

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Start depending on your japanese prowness

Learn Hiragana and Katakana

Hiraganas and Katakanas are 2 writing systems used to write japanese sounds. They are the basics to know before starting learning japanese.

Learn kanji level 4

These kanjis are learn by 6 year old japanese school children. They will allow you to express basic ideas.

Appreciate Views of Japan

Discover each day a picture of japan: architecture, customs, people...

Learn kanji level 3

Kanjis are a major part of the japanese language. Enjoy delving in these new kanjis

Test your kanji prowness

Test you japanese and kana prowness against other students

Learn kanji level 2

Kanjis, Kanjis some more Kanjis. With this serie, you will know 1000 kanjis

Learn kanji level 1

Some 1000 Kanjis more and you will be a god of japanese language


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